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About MRX

MRX Capital Partners is an independent advisory firm that develops projects and assists its clients in businesses that will generate savings and deliver financial benefits in line with the main initiatives of the global market.


Thus bringing differentiated and innovative solutions with cutting edge technologies aimed at increasing the performance, through the rational use of electricity and water, and ecological and sustainable platforms;


Or providing support to companies in strategic transition, seeking the best ways to trade its real estate assets, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or capital raising;


MRX Capital Partners plays a vital role in a wide range of industries, helping customers to reduce costs and expand their activities, performing its growth potential innovating and creating value in the development of their business, supporting its medium and long-term strategy. 



Do more with less, efficiently, through ecological and sustainable solutions using cutting-edge technologies.
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Solar Energy Generation Projects

We develop projects of photovoltaic power generation, and also enable our customers and partners, assisting in negotiating and attracting investors to participate in Aneel auctions, as well as for own efforts in selling energy on the open market, or for the insertion in the market for energy compounders.    

Water and Sewage

We provide solutions for water supply and sewage treatment through innovative cutting-edge filtration technologies and systems.

Our team develops and implements sustainable projects and solutions aimed at savings and rational use of water as well as appropriate sanitary treatment in accordance with environmental standards.


Real Estate

Private Equity and M&A

MRX Capital Partners assists its clients in bringing innovative and effective solutions in business related to mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and raising capital (through debt or equity).


Our services include: 


  • Investment thesis structure with development of feasibility studies and preparation of memorandum;

  • Valuation and economic and financial modeling;

  • Preparation of business plans;

  • Attracting investors and buyers;

  • Advice on financing options;

  • Coordination of due diligence.

Real Estate

Through a team of professionals specialized in exclusive real estate and vast experience, MRX Capital Partners offers a differentiated service and timely support to investors, corporations and owners seeking to achieve the best results in their transactions, respecting each investment philosophy.


Our support includes: 


  • Strategy and marketing planning;

  • Trading real estate assets with cash flow;

  • Structuring projects and intermediation in sale and leaseback transactions, built-to-suit and buy & lease;

  • Attracting investors and buyers;

  • Advice on financing options;

  • Development of "green projects" that include sustainability programs and reducing environmental impacts, focusing on saving and rational use of energy and water, and waste management.


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